Everyday Russian Project

Everyday Russian Project started in 2010 as an idea to provide interesting and valuable content for all who want to learn Russian language and have limited resources to pay for it.

It was inspired by lots of free online resources for learning English available back then. The idea was to create a place where all Russian learners could find texts and audio files to practice for free.

Who are we?

The creator, main enthusiast and ‘working force’ of the project is a native Russian speaker who lived most of her life in Russia. Her name is Valeria and learning languages is her passion.

Many different people from different countries have joined the project as volunteers to help translate lessons and make them more useful for all our users. You can find the list of the participants here.

If you feel like contributing to the translations, please visit this page.

What exactly is it?

Everyday Russian Project unites under its name a few websites:

  • Everyday Russian is the place where Russian learners of all levels can find something to learn and practice their Russian with.
  • Conjugate Russian Verbs was designed as a tool to help Russian students mastering most popular Russian verbs and to see their use on examples (launched 2011, currently is in the process of merging with Everyday Russian).
  • Очень по-русски (which means “Very Much Russian’) is an audio podcast for more advanced Russian learners. The main purpose of this site is not only to provide fluent Russian audio recordings made by a native Russian speaker with transcriptions but also to keep all who is interested in Russian motivated to continue studying it through slang and informal language (launched 2011).
  • Learn Russian Step by Step is a grammar base for complete beginners. All the lessons there are made short and easy, so that they can be studied one by one as an addition to other ways of practice.
  • Языкобразие started as a database of available online resources for self-studying foreign languages. Later some other features as phrasebooks and teachers database were added (launched 2011).

All of these sites are available for free today and in the future. If you’d like to support the projects, you are very welcome to do it via the donation form on the right-hand side. Another nice option to support is to buy the Filthy Album.

The project is always open for partnerships of different sorts, you can learn more about it here.