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Everyday Russian is a project for those studying Russian language at school or on their own.

Our library already includes more than 400 Russian lessons with which you can learn Russian grammar, improve your vocabulary, practice your reading and listening skills absolutely for free, and we are keep working on adding new lessons. All audio recordings are made by a native Russian speaker.

The lessons can be studies in any order according to your liking. Feel free to ask your questions or suggest your ideas in the comment section.

Negotiating a discount [Как договориться о скидке]

Negotiating a discount

This time, in ‘Vocabulary lessons’ series, we are pleased to present you a lesson from Daria Manshina, an author at LinguaLift. In this lesson you’ll learn key Russian words for bargaining and study 3 dialogues discussing a discount in different situations.

We added an audio in Russian to Daria’s dialogues, so you can practice your listening skills and pronunciation at the same time. Study the lesson →

Survival tips for foreigners in Russia (part 2)

Survival tips for foreigners in Russia (part 2)

Knowing the nuances of culture and life of the country you are visiting is always helpful. Trying to make your experience in Russia safer and more pleasurable and to help you avoid awkward moments related to cultural differences today we continue with our survival tips for those visiting Russia.

In case you missed the first part of this lesson, you can find it here. Study the lesson →

Survival tips for foreigners in Russia (part 1)

Survival tips for foreigners in Russia

Today we offer you a collection of funny and serious survival tips for foreigners in Russia which we collected all over the internet. We hope that this information, firstly, will make you smile, and secondly, will help you with your trip to Russia or with your Russian friends or colleagues.

Tell us your Russian experience in the comment section and will include your advises in the second part of this lesson. Study the lesson →