You are browsing the lessons both for complete beginners and for those who have already mastered the basics of the Russian language. You can find here useful words, phrases, and explanation of important grammar point. All lessons are provided with an audio file recorded by a native Russian speaker.

Please note that the division by levels on our site is not strictly academic but rather conventional. If you feel that a lesson is too hard for you, skip it for now, move to something easier, and come back a bit later with a newly acquired knowledge.

You can find more lessons on Russian grammar for complete beginners on another project of ours, Learn Russian Step by Step.

Сторона (2)

Learn Russian words formation: сторона

Building your vocabulary is one of the basic ways of learning Russian or any other language. In turn, learning word formation is a good way to memorize new words. In this series we offer you a set of related words having one stem. You’ll learn the most common derivatives that come from a word, see the examples of their use including idioms and colloquialisms. And of course, you can practice the pronunciation of all these words with the audio track.

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Practice Russian cases: Окно

Learning Russian as any other language is a matter of practice. To learn the second language you need practice a lot and to use any opportunity to do it. Here is one more for you: practice Russian cases with our series ‘Practice Russian cases’.

Here we take a random word and show you its singular and plural forms in all cases. To reinforce the knowledge we also give you some examples where this noun is used in different cases.

Today’s word is “окно” (neutral) which means ‘window’.

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