Russian test

This series of lessons gives you an opportunity to test your knowledge of Russian vocabulary and grammar. Find a quiz depending on your level and try yourself. Don’t hesitate to repeat the test if you did not do it well for the first time. Practice and repetition are the only way to master any language including Russian.

Russian idioms [Русские идиомы]

Russian idioms - Test

Do you know well Russian idioms? Tests your knowledge with this test.

Read the sentences and fill the blanks with one of the suggested lines.

If you’ve been following our lessons for some time, you might remember some this today’s idioms which we were studying in the series ‘Russian phrase of the week.’

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Animal sounds [Голоса животных]

Here is a funny Russian test for all levels. First of all you are supposed to know the Russian names of such animals as: frog, duck, horse, donkey, cock, cat, dog, cow, crow, sheep.

In each question you’ll be offered a set of sounds written in Russian. Your task is to guess which sound corresponds to the animal indicated in the question. Let’s begin!

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Shopping [Покупки]

Test your Russian: shopping

Your task for today’s quiz is to choose the right Russian variant of the sentence given you in English. This is a quite simple quiz designed for the beginner level.

If you’d like to test yourself with more difficult task, you might like to check out one of our previous tests, where you are supposed to translate the phrases in Russian firstly, and then to see their Russian equivalents. (There is also an audio file available there.)

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