Negotiating a discount [Как договориться о скидке]

Negotiating a discount

This time, in ‘Vocabulary lessons’ series, we are pleased to present you a lesson from Daria Manshina, an author at LinguaLift. In this lesson you’ll learn key Russian words for bargaining and study 3 dialogues discussing a discount in different situations.

We added an audio in Russian to Daria’s dialogues, so you can practice your listening skills and pronunciation at the same time. Study the lesson →

Telephone conversation (answers) [Телефонный разговор]

Russian exercises: Find the mistake - Telephone conversation

Let’s find out if you spotted correctly all the mistakes made in the dialogue of our last lesson “Телефонный разговор” (Telephone conversation).

To facilitate visual perception, we highlighted the errors in red and the correct answers in blue.

After the corrected text you can find the audio recording of the dialogue and compare your pronunciation with the pronunciation of a native Russian speaker.

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Telephone conversation (exercise) [Телефонный разговор]

Russian exercises: Find a mistake - Telephone conversation

Today we are pleased to offer you a lesson from our new channel ‘Error correction exercises’. This channel is designed to develop your reading skills and to improve your grammatical correctness in Russian.

Here is a simple text with a few mistakes made on purpose. First, read the text and try to translate it. Second, try to read it once again aloud. After that find the mistakes we made.

In the next lesson we’ll publish the correct version of the text with highlighted mistakes and the audio recording. You will be able to check yourself and listen to the text comparing your way of reading it with the speech of a native Russian speaker.

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At the hotel [В гостинице]

At a hotel

If you are going to visit Russia one day, you may find this lesson quite useful for you. Today we will be studying a few sample dialogues between a receptionist and a guest of a hotel.

Four simple dialogues which contain very useful vocabulary are read two times: the first time slowly, the second time at a normal speed. Listen to the audio as many times as you need till the words sound natural. Write our all unknown words and try to memorize them.

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