Russian food and drinks

Russian salad [Салат Оливье]

Russian lessons - New Year's salad

Due to the coming holidays we have changed our schedule a little to give you a special Russian lesson dedicated to the New Year. We never published recipes before and decided that it would be a good idea to tell you something about Russian New Year’s food.

The salad we are going to cook today is the most popular Russian New Year’s dish. It is very simple to make. So let’s cook and learn Russian at the same time!

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Russian home-distilled vodka [Самогон]

Learning Russian podcast: home-distilled vodka

Russian home-distilled vodka has quite an incredible story. The thing is that now it is a folksy, one might even say plebeian drink. But before the abolition of serfdom everything was different. Home-distilled vodka was considered the most elite aristocratic drink.

Learn more about this page of Russian history from today’s lesson.

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Russian kvas [Русский квас]


Kvas is probably the most popular russian drink after vodka, and it’s certainly more healthy than vodka. Today’s lesson narrates about its history and production features.

There is a lot of specific vocabulary in this lesson, and, of course, an audio recording tp practice your listening skills.

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