Russian idioms

Не за горами

Learn Russian expressions: Не за горами

This is the ‘Phrase of the week’ series where you can improve you Russian vocabulary and practice your listening and reading skills.

The audio recording of this lesson is read at three different speeds: slow, adapted (slower than normal) and normal. We recommend to listen to the audio recording several times and to use the free online transcript reviewing the currently studied material.
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Держать руку на пульсе

Learn Russian expressions: Держать руку на пульсе

With the series «Russian phrase of the week» you can learn interesting Russian expressions and idioms, as well as practice your listening and reading skills with the free audio and transcript.

The audio track of this lesson is recorded at three different speeds: slow, adapted (slower than normal) and normal.

In this lesson you’ll learn what does the idiom ‘держать руку на пульсе’ mean and how you can use it.

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Приделать ноги

Learn Russian expressions: Приделать ноги

The series «Russian phrase of the Week» helps you to learn useful Russian phrases, common expressions and idioms.

The audio track recorded at three different speeds is to help you to train your listening skills and practice the pronunciation. You can reinforce the result of the studying with the transcript which is available for free.

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Не по зубам

Learn Russian expressions: Не по зубам

Lessons of the «Russian phrase of the week» series are designed to help you learn new interesting and useful Russian expressions and idioms. Each lesson comes along with an audio file recorded at three different speeds.

In today’s lesson we are studying Russian expression ‘не по зубам’. Learn what does it mean and how you can use this phrase while speaking Russian.

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