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The best way to memorize new Russian words is to see them in the context. In these lessons we take an interesting Russian word, show you its derivatives, synonyms, etymology (if possible), and give you some examples of its use. Most of these lessons are intended for intermediate and advanced learners of Russian, though the audio tracks which are recorded at three different speeds could be useful even for beginners.


Learn Russian words with audio - душещипательный

This is the ‘Russian word of the week’ series and today we are going to learn and practice a new Russian word. This time it’s an adjective ‘душещипательный’.

The audio examples of this lesson are recorded at three different speeds: slow, adapted (slower than normal) and normal.

Description (описание): [прил.] душещипа́тельный

Meaning (значение): weepy, sentimental

Synonyms (синонимы):

[прил.] тро́гательный (touching, moving, affecting)
[прил.] слезоточи́вый (tear, lachrymose)
[прил.] сентимента́льный (sentimental)

Etymology (этимология):

душа́ (soul) + щипа́ть (to pinch)

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Examples (примеры):

  1. Кто-нибу́дь зна́ет како́й-нибу́дь душещипа́тельный стих на те́му ма́миного дня рожде́ния?
    Does anyone know any sentimental verse on my mother’s birthday?
  2. Хоти́те услы́шать душещипа́тельную исто́рию о том, как я сдава́ла на права́?
    Do you want to hear a weepy story of how I got my driver’s license?
  3. Брита́нский журна́л вы́брал 20 душещипа́тельных фи́льмов для мужчи́н.
    A British magazine chose 20 weepy films for men.

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  1. shukri says:

    Very useful word, especially nowadays :) Thanks !

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