Russian verb conjugation

Trying to give you a better way to memorize the Russian verb conjugation, we came up with this type of lessons. In every lesson we take a verb (or a few) and show you all its forms conjugated in different tenses, as well as the verb derivatives. To help you memorize the content of the verb tables better, we added some examples after each tense. And you can practice all this with an audio track! (The audio is not available for all the lessons at the moment, but we are working on it.)

Learn more Russian verbs online with the “Russian Word of the Day”. Every verb comes with a picture, two examples and audio. Learn and test yourself with the flashcards.


In today’s lesson of the series “Russian verb conjugations” we will conjugate the verb пить.

This is a non-reflexive, imperfective verb which belongs to the first type of conjugation.

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Думать / думаться

In today’s lesson dedicated to the conjugation of the Russian verbs we have the verbs ду́мать and ду́маться. These verbs are imperfective and belong to the first conjugation.

– ду́мать – to think;
– ду́маться: думается, что — one should think, it appears that.

Perfective – поду́мать(ся).

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