Выспаться - Russian verb conjugation


The verb of today: вы́спаться.

Perfective. Reflexive. Second conjugation.

Meaning: to sleep enough, to have a good sleep, to have one’s sleep out.

Imperfective – высыпа́ться.

Past tense (прошедшее время)

я, ты, он вы́спался
я, ты, она вы́спалась
я, ты, оно вы́спалось
мы, вы, они вы́спались

Он хорошо выспался и теперь был готов к работе.
He slept well and was now ready to work.

Она совершенно не выспалась.
She did not sleep well.

Вы выспались?
Do you get enough sleep?

Future tense (будущее время)

я вы́сплюсь
ты вы́спишься
он, она, оно вы́спится
мы вы́спимся
вы вы́спитесь
они вы́спятся

Из-за футбола не выспится вся страна.
Because of the football the whole country is not going to have enough sleep.

Не буди детей, пусть выспятся.
Don’t wake up children, let them have enough sleep.

Imperative (повелительное наклонение)

ты вы́спись
вы вы́спитесь

Выспись как следует, у тебя уже мешки под глазами.
You need to sleep enough, you already have bags under your eyes.

Subjunctive (сослагательное наклонение)

See the Past tense + бы.

Если бы мы вчера легли раньше, то сегодня бы выспались.
If yesterday we went to bed earlier, we would get enough sleep for today.

Active participle (действительное причастие)

Past вы́спавшийся

Невыспавшиеся сотрудники приносят своим компаниям многомиллиардные убытки.
Sleepy employees bring their companies billions of dollars in losses.

Gerund (деепричастие)

Past вы́спавшись

Утром, не выспавшись, мы говорим себе: приду – сразу спать! – а как приходим, опять сидим до ночи.
In the morning, not having slept enough, we tell ourselves: when I come back, I’ll immediately go to bed! But when we are back, we again sit until the night.

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4 comments on “Выспаться

  1. You said once. it is better to learn phrases and sentences, rather than individual words. This is true. Learning words does not help due to declension and subjugation. in real life when hearing word you have learned used by Russian, you will not recognize it. When I was in Russia I never understood anything even though I learned 1000 words absolutely essential for Englishman learning Russian. learn words in sentences, see how they change, and listen to native Russian speaker. Only then will you be able to communicate in Russian.

    • Everyday Russian says:

      Hello Steven.

      You are absolutely right, plus you have to try to speak yourself.

      For me personally, only constant speaking practice makes the difference. Of course, for that you need to work on your vocabulary first. 🙂

      • I meant to say conjugation not subjugation….. (((. of course vocab is essential, just learn words in sentences, I am sure it will enable faster grammar comprehension. I am practising talking, next time I am in Russia I do not want to be met with blank stares or Russians looking at ground because they do not understand me. In rural areas of Russia NO ONE speaks English……

        • Everyday Russian says:

          We are glad if we can help you reach your goals and keep your motivation high.
          We wish you all the best and good luck in your next trip to Russia. We are sure, next time you’ll be able to impress the locals with your Russian. 🙂

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