Some facts about human beings

Today’s dictation is quite easy, so even beginners can try to pass this exercise. The topic is «Some facts about human beings».

You are going to hear the audio version recorded at three different speeds: normal, slow and adapted (slower than normal).

Try to recognize the text by ear and to write it down. Check your work and analyze the mistakes with .

Взро́слый челове́к де́лает приме́рно 23 000 вдо́хов (и вы́дохов) в день.
An adult takes about 23,000 inhalations (and exhalations) per day.

Разме́р се́рдца челове́ка приме́рно ра́вен величине́ его́ кулака́.
The size of a human heart is almost the same as his fist.

Са́мая си́льная мы́шца в челове́ческом органи́зме – язы́к.
The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body.

Лю́ди с голубы́ми глаза́ми бо́лее чувстви́тельны к бо́ли, чем все остальны́е.
People with blue eyes are more sensitive to pain than others.

В те́ле взро́слого челове́ка о́коло 75 киломе́тров не́рвов.
There are around 75 km of nerves in a human body.

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