Describing people

Emotions (part 1)

Useful Russian expressions (podcast): descibing emotions in Russian

People wouldn’t be people without emotions. Pleasant or not, they play a great role in the life of everyone. In this lesson dedicated to your Russian vocabulary building we’ll have a look at some of them. In today’s vocabulary lesson you can learn new Russian words describing emotions, study example sentences and practice your listening skills with the audio track.

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Appearance [Внешность]

Useful Russian expressions: describing people

Today we offer you to enrich your vocabulary and to study some ways to describe people’s faces in Russian.

You’ll see 14 examples with pictures. The key words are given with translation and accent marks. And one example sentence to each picture will help you to see these words in context to memorize them better.

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Gestures and poses (part 2)

Learn how to speak about gestures in Russian, part 2

Today we continue with our topic of gestures, movements and poses. We’ll look at some common expressions describing people’s behavior and reactions. Each word we study today is illustrated with two examples and a picture.

This lesson is intended for the intermediate and advanced Russian learners and comes with an audio file recorded by a native Russian speaker.

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