Learn and practice Russian vocabulary with a series of dialogues on different topics. Every lesson comes with an audio file recorded by a native Russian speaker.

Negotiating a discount

This time, in ‘Russian vocabulary building’ series, we are pleased to present you a lesson from Daria Manshina, an author at LinguaLift. In this lesson you’ll learn core Russian words for bargaining and study 3 dialogues discussing a discount in different situations.

We added an audio in Russian to Daria’s dialogues, so you can practice your listening skills and pronunciation at the same time. Study the lesson →

Telephone conversation

Today we are happy to present you a lesson from our new series called “Error correction exercises”. This series is designed to develop your reading skills and to improve your grammatical correctness in Russian.

There is a simple text with a few mistakes in it made on purpose. Your task is to identify the mistakes.

To check yourself, click on the button “Show the answers”. There is an audio recording hidden with the answers, don’t forget to listen to it to practive your listening skills.

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Visiting a doctor

We’ve already covered a bit of health related vocabulary in one of our previous lessons. In today’s vocabulary lesson we have a few dialogues that might happen at the hospital or when visiting a doctor. The dialogues include a lot of useful vocabulary describing the way you feel, typical medical phrases and prescriptions.

The lesson is intended for the intermediate Russian learners.

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Eating out – Paying for the meal

This is the last lesson of the series dedicated to eating out in Russian. Today we cover useful phrases that might come in handy when you want to pay for your meal in a Russian restaurant. Read the dialogue with the various conversation options and listen to the audio file to reinforce the result of the studies.

The first two lessons of the series can be found here:
Eating out – Arriving to a restaurant
Eating out – Ordering food

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Eating out – Arriving to a restaurant

This lesson is dedicated to building your Russian vocabulary and the topic today is eating out. This lesson includes some phrases that you might need when you go a Russian restaurant or cafe. You’ll see a simple dialogue exemplifying various options of the conversation.

The lesson comes along with an audio track. Listen to it as many times as you need to get used to the pronunciation and new words.

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