Learn to write emails in Russian and study Russian email samples with our free online Russian lessons. Every lesson comes along with an audio file recorded by a native Russian speaker.

Price Increase Letter

Here is a new lesson of the ‘Error correction exercises’ series where we are practicing your reading skills and improving the grammatical correctness in Russian.

Today’s lesson could be interesting for people engaged in sales. The text you’ll read below is an example of a “Price Increase Letter”. Your task for the exercise is to identify and correct the mistakes which are made in this text on purpose. As an additional practice we recommend you to read the text aloud a few times.

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Personal email

The second lesson of the series ‘Error correction exercises’ is again dedicated to the conversational Russian language, but this time we will be talking about a personal email. Let us remind you that this series is designed to develop your reading skills and to improve your grammatical correctness in Russian.

The text of today’s lesson is an example of an email message, from one sister to the other one.

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Business proposal in Russian

Imagine that you need to write a business proposal in Russian to send it to a Russian company. How do you start? What do you say? How to finish the message? Today we offer you an example of such proposal with a lot of related vocabulary.

The lesson is accompanied by an audio file, so you can practice your listening skills as well.

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Writing a business letter – 3: Examples

Today we continue building you Russian business vocabulary and have the last lesson of the series “Writing a business letter in Russian”. This lesson includes a few examples of business letters on different topics: discounts, business proposal, request for information, recommendations.

As usual, the audio is available to practice your listening skills and pronunciation. This lesson is intended for the intermediate and advanced Russian learners.

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