Russian food and drinks

Russian salad Olivier

Russian lessons - New Year's salad

In today’s vocabulary lesson we’ll learn how to make a Russian salad Olivier – the most popular Russian New Year’s dish – and some vocabulary related to cooking.

The lesson is intended for the intermediate and advanced Russian learners. The audio track includes the whole text with the recipe read twice: the first time at a normal speed, and the second time at a slower speed. Bon appetit!

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Russian home-distilled vodka (Samogon)

Learning Russian podcast: home-distilled vodka

In today’s series “Stories in Russian” we present you a story about Russian home-distilled vodka – samogon.

Samogon has quite an incredible history. Nowadays it is a folksy, one might even say a plebeian drink. But before the abolition of serfdom, everything was different. Russian home-distilled vodka was considered to be the most elite aristocratic drink.

Learn more about this page of Russian history from today’s lesson.

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Russian kvass


In today’s series “Stories in Russian” we’ll have a look at the Russian kvass. Kvass is probably the most popular russian drink after vodka, and it’s certainly healthier than vodka as it has almost no alcohol and includes lactic acid that has a disinfectant effect. The text below will tell you about the history of Russian kvass, its modern variations and how it can be made at home.

The lesson includes the text in Russian with stress marks, translation in English and an audio recording. The lesson is intended for advanced Russian learners.

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