Slow spoken Russian

Our visitors love these lessons because they allow them, first, to recognize every word of the sentence separately and then to hear the whole sentence spoken fluently. The audio for these lessons is recorded at three different speeds: slow, adapted (slower than normal), and normal. Listen to the lesson a couple of times, read the transcription with the translation, and you are sure to understand everything that’s been said.

Не за горами

Learn Russian expressions: Не за горами

This is the ‘Phrase of the week’ series where you can improve you Russian vocabulary and practice your listening and reading skills.

The audio recording of this lesson is read at three different speeds: slow, adapted (slower than normal) and normal. We recommend to listen to the audio recording several times and to use the free online transcript reviewing the currently studied material.
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Learn Russian words with audio - Безалаберность

Today we are learning a quite advanced Russian word – ‘безалаберность’. You are going to learn what it means, see its derivatives and synonyms, as well as some examples of its use.

Listen to the audio file a few times till all the words sound clear and natural. Next try to repeat each sentence after the audio practicing and developing your Russian pronunciation.

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Так сойдёт!

Russian phrase of the week: Так сойдёт!

«Russian Phrase of the Week» gives you an opportunity to learn interesting Russian expressions and idioms. With the audio recording read at three different speeds (slow, adapted, and normal) you can practice your listening skills. Review the transcript of the lesson to get the maximum result of your studies.

The phrase of this lesson is ‘Так сойдёт!’. Russians often use this expression in their daily life. Read the examples and see how and when you can use it too.

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