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Learn useful Russian phrases and idioms with our free online Russian audio lessons for all levels. This is a collection of lessons that feature interesting Russian phrases and idioms, as well as phrases related to different aspects of everyday life. Every lesson comes with an audio file.

Так сойдёт!

Russian phrase of the week: Так сойдёт!

«Russian Phrase of the Week» gives you an opportunity to learn interesting Russian expressions and idioms. With the audio recording read at three different speeds (slow, adapted, and normal) you can practice your listening skills. Review the transcript of the lesson to get the maximum result of your studies.

The phrase of this lesson is ‘Так сойдёт!’. Russians often use this expression in their daily life. Read the examples and see how and when you can use it too.

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Между делом

Learn Russian expressions: Между делом

This is a new lesson of the “Russian phrase of the week” series where you can learn useful Russian phrases, common expressions and idioms.

Learn what does ‘между делом’ means in Russian. Practice your listening skills with the audio recorded at three different speeds: slow, adapted and normal conversations speed.

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Быть начеку

Learn Russian expressions: Быть начеку

With the «Phrase of the Week» you can learn useful Russian expressions and idioms, as well as practice your listening and reading skills with the audio and transcript.

The audio examples of this lesson are recorded at three different speeds: slow, adapted (slower than normal) and normal.

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Congratulating people

Congratulating People in Russian

Holidays are coming up and today we offer you to learn the most common Russian ways of congratulating people.

In this lesson you will hear and read the typical phases for such events as birthday, New Year or Christmas, as well as find some expressions for inviting people to your party.

The audio recording of this lesson includes all today’s phrases read two times: the first time in a slow pace, and the second time a bit faster. We recommend you listen to the as much as you need till the words and phrases sound natural.

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How to quarrel in Russian

In today’s vocabulary lesson we have a very interesting topic – we are reviewing the most common phrases that Russians use when they quarrel. The lesson is full of informal and very informal vocabulary.

The audio of today’s lesson is recorded at two different speeds – slow and normal, so that even beginners would also be able to study this lesson.

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Shopping [Покупки]

Test your Russian: shopping

Your task for today’s quiz is to choose the right Russian variant of the sentence given you in English. This is a quite simple quiz designed for the beginner level.

If you’d like to test yourself with more difficult task, you might like to check out one of our previous tests, where you are supposed to translate the phrases in Russian firstly, and then to see their Russian equivalents. (There is also an audio file available there.)

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Disagreement [Несогласие]

Disagreement in Russian

Today’s topic is disagreement. The phrases of this lesson can be both independent expressions and parts of whole sentences.

Some simple examples are going to help you memorize the expressions and see their use at the same time. We also provide your with the translation of each phrase which in many cases is not literal but rather close to the meaning.

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