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Description (описание):

[сущ. м.] флома́стер

Meaning (значение):

felt-tip pen

Etymology (этимология):

The word comes from the brand “Flo-Master”, which was invented by the German company “Edding” in 1960.

Examples (примеры):

  1. Всем детям подарили на праздник по набору цветных фломастеров.
    For the holiday all children were given a set of colored markers.
  2. Особенно важные моменты в тексте выделены красным фломастером.
    Especially important moments in the text are highlighted in red felt-tip pen.
  3. Малыш нашел коробку фломастеров и изрисовал все обои в комнате.
    The kid found a box of markers and covered with drawings all wallpaper in the room.
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