With the series of Russian lessons «Learn Russian words» you can learn new Russian words, as well as practice your listening and reading skills with the audio and transcript.

The audio with example sentences is recorded at three different speeds: slow, adapted (slower than normal) and normal.

Description (описание):

[сущ. м./ж.] копу́ша,
[сущ. мн.] копу́ши

Meaning (значение):

slowpoke, dawdler

Etymology (этимология):

-> [глагол несов.] копа́ться (to dawdle, to be slow)

Examples (примеры):

  • Собира́йся быстре́е, копу́ша, опозда́ешь в шко́лу!
    Get ready quickly slowcoach, you’ll be late for school!
  • Учи́тывая, кака́я ты копу́ша, нам на́до встать пора́ньше, что́бы не опозда́ть на по́езд.
    Considering what a slowpoke you are, we’d better get up early so we’re not late for the train.
  • Поторопи́те его́, он уже́ полчаса́ копа́ется!
    Get him to hurry up! He’s already been dawdling for half an hour.
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Many thanks to Nicola Sutcliff for the translation of this lesson.

Photo source: www.holidaygems.co.uk

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