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Today we are learning very strong and good Russian word – ‘сногсшибательный’. Learn what does it mean and how you can use it from this lesson.

Audio recordings of the series ‘Russian word of the week’ are read at three different speeds. That’s going to help you to get accustomed to the Russian speech and memorize the pronunciation better.

Description (описание):

[прил. разг.] сногсшиба́тельный

Meaning (значение):

stunning, astounding

Etimology (этимология):

сшиба́ть с ног (to knock down)

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Examples (примеры):

  1. Э́то соверше́нно сногсшиба́тельный фильм, вам сто́ит его́ уви́деть!
    This is absolutely stunning movie, you should see it!
  2. У меня́ сногсшиба́тельные но́вости для вас: Ка́тя бере́менна и уже́ на пя́том ме́сяце!
    I have a stunning news for you: Katya is pregnant and it is already the fifth month!
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