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Welcome to Everyday Russian – a site where you can learn and practice Russian online and for free!

We have made this site for Russian language learners of all levels, as well for those who wish to continue enriching their language skills.

The main purpose of this site is to provide you with more opportunities to learn and practice Russian. All audios, texts and tests on the site are completely free and you can use them any time you like. We also have a mobile version of the site you you can easily learn Russian on the go!

Russian lessons series

We designed a few types of lessons to make the process of studying diverse, because we believe that the boredom is the worse obstacle on the learning way. Here is their short explanation:

Russian for beginners

In this category complete beginners can find useful materials to learn basics of Russian, as well as to practice and consolidate the knowledge they already have. Each lesson consist of an audio-recording on slow spoken Russian and a free complete transcript with translation in English. In these lessons we cover Russian grammar, useful phrases and other important for Russian learners things.

Russian word of the week

We choose an interesting Russian word and illustrate it with a few examples. We also show you synonyms and etymology (when it’s possible) of this word. With this series you can learn new Russian words and practice your listening skills with an audio-file recorded at three different speeds: slow, adapted and normal.

Russian phrase of the week

Learn common phrases, idioms, slang and other expressions that would help you sound more native. As in the ‘Word of the Week’, the lessons of this series include a few examples, related words and expressions and an audio-recording at three different speeds.

Vocabulary lessons

Here we cover situations you are likely to come across in your daily life. In this series you can find both dialogues and sample sentences that are designed to help you to build your vocabulary in order to understand the people around you and to express yourself.

Stories in Russian

These lessons are designed mostly for advaced level: learn about Russian culture and traditions, get to know Russian cities, read excerpts from Russian books with the lessons of this series. The audio files for ‘Stories in Russian’ is usually recorded at normal speed.

Russian test

An opportunity to test your language proficiency with a variety of tests. Here you can find simple vocabulary tests for beginners or grammar tests for intermediate and advenced learners.

Russian verb conjugation

In each lesson take a couple of verbs as examples and drill their conjugation. We show you all their forms in present, past and future tenses, subjunctive and imperative moods, as well as their derivatives – participles and gerunds. Each lesson goes with an audio-recording that helps you to master the pronunciation of conjugated Russian verbs.

Practice Russian cases

We are sure that with constant practiсe your difficulties with this tricky part of Russian grammar will melt away!
In each lesson we take a noun and decline its singular and plural forms in all cases. In addition, each lesson contains some example sentences that show you the usage of the studied noun in various cases.
An audio-recording must help you to memorize the pronunciation of given noun in different cases.

Word evolution

We believe that learning the way a word is formed can enormously help with building your vocabulary.
We take a word and give you its most common derivatives and collocations. With a corresponding audio, of course.
This is a great opportunity to improve your Russian vocabulary and to learn a lot of ways to express yourself in Russian.

Audio dictation

This series of lessons helps you train your listening comprehension and writing skills at the same time. Firstly we publish an audio-recording of a small text, read a few times at different speeds.
In a few days, when the transcription is released, you can see how well you did the dictation and analyze your mistakes. The Dictations are made for all levels – from beginner to advanced.

Questions on the text

The lessons this series are developed to help you to improve your skills of audio comprehension and question answering. In each lesson we read you a text at a normal speed. After that you are asked a few questions on the topic of what you’ve just heard. There is a pause after each question to give you some time to work out your answer. In the end on the lesson we repeat all the questions and give you possible examples of answers.

Error correction exercises

This series is designed to develop your reading skills and to improve your grammatical correctness in Russian. Each lesson comprises two parts. In the first one we publish a small text where a few mistakes are made on purpose. In a couple of days we publish the corrected version of this text with highlighted mistakes and an audio recording. So you can check yourself and practice the pronunciation.

We encourage you to leave your comments and ask your questions. Your kind donations are also very appreciated and will surely help us to make the site even more better and helpful, as well as to keep it absolutely free.

Thank you and good luck!

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