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Селёдка под шубой

Some time ago we have already published a lesson with a recipe of a traditional New Year’s Russian salad – Olivier. Today we’d like to offer you another traditional recipe – a herring under a fur coat. Don’t worry, it does not include any fur. The name of the dish comes from the fact that the herring is covered with multiple layers. In fact, the dish is simple and delicious. Give it a try!

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Хотеть / хотеться

In today’s lesson dedicated to the conjugation of Russian verbs we conjugate the pair of verbs хоте́ть and хоте́ться. These are stem-changing verbs, imperfective. They belong to the mixed conjugation.

хоте́ть – to want,
– хоте́ться: мне хо́чется – I feel like (doing something).

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Думать / думаться

In today’s lesson dedicated to the conjugation of the Russian verbs we have the verbs ду́мать and ду́маться. These verbs are imperfective and belong to the first conjugation.

– ду́мать – to think;
– ду́маться: думается, что — one should think, it appears that.

Perfective – поду́мать(ся).

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