Basic Russian

This series contains lessons that cover basic Russian phrases and necessary vocabulary. Here you can learn such basics as how to introduce yourself, tell your age, talk about your family and occupation, and so on.
Every lesson comes along with an audio file recorded by a native Russian speaker.

Russian names of countries and languages

Many Russian learners make mistakes in the phrases like ‘я говорю по-русски’ or ‘я француз’. Today we are going to learn Russian names for different countries, languages and people of different nationalities.

You can practice the pronunciation of all today’s words and phrases with the audio track recorded at slow speed.

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Happy birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Russian

Winter holidays are approaching and today we would like to offer you to learn the most common Russian ways of congratulating people.

In this lesson you will learn how to say “Merry Christmas”, “Happy New Year”, and “Happy birthday” in Russian, as well as some expressions for inviting people to your party.

The audio recording of this lesson includes all today’s phrases and read twice: the first time at a slow speed, and the second time a bit faster. We recommend you to listen to the audio as much as you need until the words and phrases sound natural.

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Today’s lesson for beginners will help you to find your way in any direction.

The lesson is divided into two parts: in the first one we’ll learn some words, and in the seocnd one – some useful expressions.

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How to approach a stranger

This is a new Russian lesson for beginners and today we’ll cover probably the most useful Russian phrases that can help you to find your way anywhere. Let’s learn how to approach a stranger.

All phrases here are in the formal tone.

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Thank you, please, excuse me… Be polite in Russian

In this lesson for beginners we learn how to say “thank you” and “please” in Russian, as well as a few other Russian words and phrases that will help you to always stay polite in any situation.

All phrases of today’s lesson are in the formal tone. As usual, the lesson is accompanied by a slow-spoken audio.

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Time in Russian

In today’s lesson for beginners we’ll learn to talk about time: how to ask time and to tell time in Russian.

Listen to the audio a few times until all the words and phrases sound natural. Try to repeat them out loud, that will help you to memorize these useful phrases.

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The topic of today’s lesson for beginners is professions (occupation). We’ll learn some Russian names of professions and common phrases to talk about someone’s occupation.

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