“My name is” in Russian

In this first Russian lesson for beginners we are covering the basics: let’s learn how to say “My name is” and ask somebody “What is your name?”.

The lesson is accompanied by an audio track recorded by a native Russian speaker. Every phrase in the audio is read two times: the first time at a slow speed and the second time a bit more faster. Listen to the audio a few times and practice the correct pronunciation.

Как тебя́ зову́т?
[kak tee-BYA za-VUT]
What is your name? (informal)
Как вас зову́т?
[kak vas za-VUT]
What is your name? (formal or plural)
Меня́ зову́т А́нна.
[mee-NYA za-VUT AN-na]
My name is Anna.
Моё и́мя – А́нна.
[ma-YO EE-mya AN-na]
My name is Anna.
Моя́ фами́лия – Моро́зова.
[ma-YA fa-MEE-lee-ya ma-RO-za-va]
My surname is Morozova.
Moё о́тчество – Владимировна.
[ma-YO OT-cheest-va vla-DEE-mee-rav-na]
My patronymic name is Vladimirovna.
Moё по́лное и́мя – Моро́зова А́нна Влади́мировна.
[ma-YO POL-na-ye EE-mya ma-RO-za-va AN-na vla-DEE-mee-rav-na]
My full name is Morozova Anna Vladimirovna.
Мои́ друзья́ зову́т меня́ А́ня.
[ma-EE druz’-YA za-VUT mee-NYA A-nya]
My friends call me Anya.
Как его́ зову́т?
[kak ye-VO za-VUT]
What is his name?
Его́ зову́т Михаи́л. Его́ фами́лия – Воробьёв.
[ye-VO za-VUT mee-ha-EEL. ye-VO fa-MEE-lee-ya va-rab’-YOF]
His name is Michael. His surname is Vorobyev.
Как её зову́т?
[kak ye-YO za-VUT]
What is her name?
Её зову́т Виноку́рова Анастаси́я. Её коро́ткое и́мя – На́стя.
[ye-YO za-VUT vee-na-KU-ra-va a-nas-ta-SEE-ya. ye-YO ka-ROT-ka-ye EE-mya – NAS-tya]
Her name is Vinokurova Anastasia. Her short name is Nastya.
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