Russian excercises

These Russian lessons offer you to test your knowledge of Russian vocabulary and grammar in a series of exercises. Don’t hesitate to repeat the exercise if you did not do it well for the first time. Practice and repetition are the only ways to master any language including Russian.

Test your knowledge of Russian words and phrases with the flashcards.

Russian idioms

Do you know well Russian idioms? Tests your knowledge with today’s exerice. Read the sentences and fill the blanks with one of the suggested lines.

If you’ve been following our lessons for some time, you might remember some today’s idioms from the previous lessons of the series “Useful Russian phrases“.

We recommend:
Learn Russian idioms with Very Much Russian podcast.

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Animal sounds

Today we have a funny Russian test for all levels. It will test your knowledge of Russian names of different animals and the sounds they make.

In each question you’ll be offered a set of sounds written in Russian. Your task is to guess which sound corresponds to the animal indicated in the question. Let’s begin!

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Prepositions: о, об, по, про

This is a grammar test and it’s about Russian prepositions «о», «об», «про» and «по». You are going to see 10 sample sentences with gaps. Your task is to choose the correct preposition for each of them.

Feel free to ask your questions on this test if you have any. Good luck!

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