Frequently Asked Questions

Is this free?

Everyday Russian is absolutely free and going to keep being free.

Do I need to register?

No you don’t. No registration needed to use all the benefits of the site.

I’m new here, where should I start?

There is no precise order for the lessons. Although if you are a complete beginner, you’ll probably want to start from the Russian alphabet. If you feel that the lessons from the ‘Beginner’ category are too difficult for you, check out another project of ours, Learn Russian Step by Step, where you can learn the basics of Russian grammar and come back here when you feel more confident.

For intermediate and advanced levels there is no difference where to start. Choose the activity you like and study in any order.

How can I get notified about new lessons?

To get notified about new lessons you need to subscribe to our RSS-feed. You can also choose the “Get Everyday Russian delivered by email” option and receive an email every time a new lesson is published.

How can I download the audio files?

You can download the audio files through the download link available for each lesson.

Can you send me all your lessons by email?

No, we don’t provide such an option.

How to study with Everyday Russian?

The lessons designed to give you more practice, so the best way to study them is to listen to the audio a few times till you understand all the words, read the free transcription, and write out all unknown words to memorize them later.

Read more about how to learn Russian: How and why to learn Russian language?

Help me to learn Russian please!

This site is designed for self-studying learners. We can answer your questions and help with an advice, but it’s up to you to make your studying regular and moving forward.

I don’t understand some lessons even if they are for my level.

The division by levels on this site is not strictly academic but rather conventional, so it’s totally ok if you can’t catch everything for the first time. If you find some lessons being too difficult, just skip them for now and get back to them later. You’ll see it’s going to be much easier next time.

Can I have a private lesson?

We don’t provide private lessons. If you are looking for a private lessons via Skype or a Russian tutor, there is a list of them here: Russian lessons via Skype.

Where can I download a Russian grammar book?

We don’t offer free downloads on our site. If you are looking for Russian grammar lessons try out a free online Russian grammar course. For example, Learn Russian Step by Step.

9 comments on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Vincent Chia says:

    Hi !
    “How to figure out unstressed o and stressed o in Russian Language” as they are distinctive different, sound-wise.
    My initial findings are:
    1. majority of adverbs with “o” as last letter is pronounced as unstressed o such as важно.
    Exception are смешнO, хорошO …
    2. many “o” after “п” appeared unstressed such as поэт, по-русски, пойди, поезжай
    Exception are пOсле, пOчта, пOмните, …
    3. many “o” after “р” appeared stressed such as хорOшая книга, в некоторOм царстве, …
    Exception are гOрод, …
    4. some “o” after “д” appeared stressed such as дOброе утро, дOбрый день, …
    Exception are добрO пожаловать, домOй …
    5. some “o” after “к” appeared stressed such as молокO, шкOла
    Exception are комOд, …
    6. some “o” after “ск” appeared stressed such as скOлько …
    7. some “o” after “кр” appeared stressed such as открOйте …

    I may be wrong, your expertise is required ! Thanks

    • Everyday Russian says:

      Hi Vincent,
      That’s an impressive research. Very interesting, thank you.
      However, I’m not sure what is going to be easier, learn those regularities or just get used to the way the words sound. )

  2. how can i download an audio file written “Obyte” on my phone?
    ex download a file in mp3 in russian
    after downloaded,i did register under for mp3 but after, i can’t read it ..
    Thanks by advance

  3. Bonjour,
    Je viens de commencer à apprendre le russe et notamment la leçon concernant l’alphabet.
    Comment puis-je faire passer en pastille grise cette leçon étudiée car là cela n’apparaît pas.
    En effet, malgré que je l’ai étudiée cette leçon apparaît toujours en vert et non en gris. Et je voudrais voir au fur et à mesure les leçons que j’ai étudiée et celles qui me restent pour me faire une idée de ma progression hebdomadaire.
    Merci par avance.

    • Everyday Russian says:

      Bonjour Siulam,

      Pour marquer la leçon comme “Etudiée”, vous devez cliquer sur le bouton “Marquer etudiée” à la fin de la leçon.

  4. Josè Antonio Lòpez Fernàndez says:

    He pedido que me envien el argot de ruso sobre palabras popoulares y he pagado por paypal el dinero que me solicitaron, pero no se como debo hacer para conseguirn estas lecciones.

    • Everyday Russian says:

      Hola José Antonio,

      Gracias por su compra y soporte.

      Le enviamos un correo electrónico de confirmación que contiene todos los enlaces para descargar el paquete. Por favor, revise su carpeta de spam si no ve el correo electrónico.

      Si aún tiene problemas para descargar, contáctenos de nuevo y encontraremos una solución.


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