The ‘Learn Russian words’ series again brings you a new Russian word to improve your Russian vocabulary. Today’s word is ‘головоломка’. Let’s learn what it means and practice its use with some examples.

The audio examples of this lesson are recorded at three different speeds: slow, adapted (slower than normal) and normal.

Description (описание): [сущ. ж.] головоло́мка

Meaning (значение): puzzle, conundrum, brain-twister, jigsaw

Synonyms (синонимы):

[сущ. м] ре́бус (rebus, puzzle, jigsaw)
[сущ. ж.] шара́да (charade)
[сущ. ж.] зада́ча (problem, task)

Etymology (этимология):

голова́ (head) + лома́ть (to break)

Examples (примеры):

  1. В програ́мму вхо́дят бо́лее пятисо́т разли́чных игр и головоло́мок.
    The program includes more than 500 different games and puzzles.
  2. Что́бы собра́ть э́ту головоло́мку, не́которым тре́буется не́сколько неде́ль.
    To solve this puzzle some people need a few weeks.
  3. Эта любо́вь – така́я головоло́мка!
    This love is such a brain-twister!
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2 comments on “Головоломка

  1. Alfonso Osorio Zuñiga says:

    It is wonderful you include the etimology of the word because by breaking or separating it , it is more easy to keep it in our memory.

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