Под предлогом

With the series of Russian lessons «Russian phrases» you can learn useful Russian expressions and idioms, as well as practice your listening and reading skills with the audio and transcript. Today’s phrase is «под предлогом».

The audio for the lesson is recorded at three different speeds: slow, adapted (slower than normal) and normal.

Description (описание): под предло́гом

Meaning (значение):

on the pretext of, upon the pretext of, under the pretext of

Examples (примеры):

  1. Моше́нники угна́ли маши́ну под предло́гом тест-дра́йва.
    Fraudsters stole the car under the pretext of a test drive.
  2. Под предло́гом того́, что он пло́хо себя́ чу́вствует, он поки́нул встре́чу.
    Under the pretext that he was not feeling well, he left the meeting.
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