Today we are learning a quite advanced Russian word – ‘безалаберность’. You are going to learn what it means, see its derivatives and synonyms, as well as some examples of its use.

Listen to the audio file a few times till all the words sound clear and natural. Next try to repeat each sentence after the audio practicing and developing your Russian pronunciation.

Description (описание): [сущ. ж.] безала́берность

Meaning (значение): disorderliness, negligence, carelessness

Synonyms (синонимы):

[сущ. ж.] безотве́тственность (irresponsibility)
[сущ. ж.] небре́жность (carelessness, negligence)
[сущ. ж.] недобросо́вестность (lack of conscientiousness)
[сущ. ж.] неради́вость (negligence, remissness, carelessness)
[сущ. ж.] хала́тность (carelessness, negligence)
[сущ. ж.] беспе́чность (carelessness, unconcern)

Derivatives (производные):

[прил.] безала́берный (careless, negligent, slapdash)
[нареч.] безала́берно (in a disorderly manner, carelessly)

Examples (примеры):

  1. Руково́дство заво́да допусти́ло вопию́щую безала́берность и подве́ргло опа́сности жи́зни сотру́дников.
    The factory management has committed flagrant carelessness and endangered the lives of the employees.
  2. Основна́я причи́на пожа́ров на строи́тельных объе́ктах – это безала́берность рабо́чих.
    The main cause of fires on construction sites is the carelessness of the workers.
  3. Води́тельская безала́берность в э́том ме́сяце бьёт все реко́рды, – заяви́ли сотру́дники ДПС.
    Driver carelessness in this month beats all records, said the traffic police.
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