Letter of thanks

In today’s dictation we are going to combine two kinds of activities: practicing listening skills and learning how to write a business letter of thanks in Russian.

The audio version is recorded at three different speeds: normal, slow and adapted (slower than normal).

Try to recognize the text by ear and to write it down. The transcript of the dictation is hidden under the button in the end of the lesson.

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Уважа́емые господа́,

Dear Sirs,

Рабо́тая с Ва́ми с 2008 го́да, мы благода́рны Вам за сотру́дничество и взаимопонима́ние с Ва́шей стороны́. О́чень дово́льны компете́нтным и профессиона́льным персона́лом Ва́шей фи́рмы, в ча́стности ме́неджерами, кото́рые занима́ются отгру́зкой необходи́мой нам проду́кции, и де́лают э́то всегда́ бы́стро и операти́вно.

Having worked with you from 2008 we thank you for your co-operation and understanding. We are very pleased with the competent and professional staff of your firm, in particular the managers who are involved in shipping the required goods and who always do it promptly and efficiently.

Наде́емся на дальне́йшее плодотво́рное сотру́дничество!

Hoping for further fruitful cooperation,

С уваже́нием,
Коллекти́в компа́нии «Ра́дуга».

The Team of the company “Rainbow”

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