Не помешало бы

Learn new Russian idioms and useful expressions with our free online Russian lessons of the “Russian phrases” series. In this lesson we have a widely used Russian phrase “не помешало бы”.

The audio for the lesson is recorded at three different speeds: slow, adapted (slower than normal) and normal. Listen to the audio as many time as you need untill all the words sound natural.

Description (описание): не помеша́ло бы

Meaning (значение):

would be a right thing, would be great, it woundn’t hurt

Related expressions (связанные выражения):

бы́ло бы не ли́шним (it would not be too much)
не повреди́ло бы (it would not spoil the thing)

Examples (примеры):

  1. Посмотри́ на себя́ в зе́ркало, тебе́ не помеша́ла бы расчёска.
    Look at yourself in the mirror, a hairbrushing wouldn’t hurt you.
  2. Я о́чень хочу́ спать, мне не помеша́ла бы ча́шка кре́пкого ко́фе.
    I really want to sleep, a cup of strong coffee would be great.
  3. Вам, друзья́, не помеша́ло бы завести́ привы́чку снача́ла ду́мать, а пото́м говори́ть.
    You, my friends, would benefit of having a habit of thinking first and talking after.

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