How to get to the cinema?

In today’s dictation we have a short humorous story with instructions on ‘how to get to the cinema from your house’. It’s written in a simple language, so even beginners level can try their skills with this excercise.

Dictations are designed to improve your listening and writing skills and comprised of two parts: the audio and the transcript (hidden under the button below) Listen to the audio, try recognize the text by ear and to write it down. Once you are done with that, you can check the transcript and analyse your mistakes.

Инстру́кция “Как добра́ться от ва́шего до́ма до кинотеа́тра”.

Manual on “How to get to the cinema from your house”.

Пе́ред тем, как идти́ в кино́, вам на́до оде́ть что-нибу́дь тёплое, так как на у́лице зима́. Ша́пка и шарф – э́то обяза́тельно. Та́кже пригодя́тся тёплая ку́ртка и ва́режки. Да́льше на́до приня́ть о́чень ва́жное реше́ние: спуска́ться с тре́тьего этажа́ на ли́фте и́ли иди́ по ле́стнице. Как то́лько реше́ние при́нято – де́йствуйте!

Before going to the movies, you have to put on something warm as it is winter outside. A hat and a scarf – these are mandatory. A warm jacket and gloves also would come in handy. Next, you must take a very important decision: to descend from the third floor on the elevator or to walk down the stairs. Once the decision is made – go for it!

Сра́зу, как ока́жетесь на у́лице, на́до поверну́ть напра́во и идти́ до угла́ до́ма. Зате́м сверну́ть за у́гол и идти́ в сто́рону перекрёстка. На перекрёстке есть светофо́р. Ни в ко́ем слу́чае не переходи́те доро́гу на кра́сный! Дожди́тесь зелёного све́та и сме́ло иди́те на другу́ю сто́рону.

As soon as you find yourself on the street, you must turn right and walk up to the corner of the house. Then turn around the corner and walk towards the intersection. At the intersection there is a traffic light. By no means cross the road on the red light! Wait for the green light and go boldly to the other side.

Че́рез два́дцать ме́тров вы уви́дите большо́е зда́ние с плака́тами, на кото́рых изображены́ геро́и из ра́зных фи́льмов. Э́то и есть цель на́шего путеше́ствия. Вам ну́жен гла́вный вход со стекля́нными дверьми. Спра́ва, у вхо́да, вы уви́дите ка́ссу.

Twenty meters ahead you will see a big building with posters depicting characters from different movies. It is the destination of our trip. You need the main entrance with glass doors. Right at the entrance, you’ll see the cashier.

Наде́юсь, вы не забы́ли взять де́ньги на биле́т? Взя́ли? Ну и хорошо́. Прия́тного просмо́тра!

I hope you did not forget to take the money for the ticket? Didn’t you? Well, that’s good. Enjoy the movie!

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11 comments on “How to get to the cinema?

  1. Antonio Rapisarda says:

    Could you talk more slowly in the audio dictation? Me and my collegue can’t write down so fast.

    • Everyday Russian says:

      Hello Antonio,

      We’ll try to make pauses longer. Also you can download the audio and make pause any time you need.

  2. myo min thant says:

    Thank you all who creates Everyday Russian website. I found your website very soon. It is a very very good website. Thank you very much.

  3. Hi, this is my first dictation from this site and it is pretty good, just what I miss in the text is ё – e.g. перекрёстке. Sometimes I am not sure, if there is e or ё.
    Thanks 🙂

    • Everyday Russian says:

      Hello Zuzana,

      You’re right it’s перекрёсток.
      As Russian do not use the letter ё in their daily writings, in most cases we do not use it too. Usually as soon as you know the word you always know if it’s е or ё.

      Thank you for your message and feel free to ask more questions.

  4. Very humbling (унижился). Почему “пригодится…куртка и варешки” вместо этого: “пригодятся…куртка и варешки”?

    • Everyday Russian says:

      Hello Jim,

      Quite often in daily life in the situations like that people might use singular form instead of plural just because the second object wasn’t in their mind when they started the sentence, But you are absolutely right – grammatically the phrase was not correct.

      You probably wanted to say “унизительно”. We are sorry to give you that impression. We hope you could find a lot of good lessons here.

      And thank you for all you corrections.

  5. Thu Ya Aung says:

    This website was more important for me to improve my russian learning skills.I think that all of you that established this site have beautiful mindset. I will tell my friends who are studying russian language to study in your site.
    Thank you for all.

  6. samuel prakash says:

    Hai i am from India i like to learn Russian language in alphabetical order can you help me with this guys

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