По рукам!

With the series of Russian lessons «Russian phrases» you can learn useful Russian expressions and idioms, as well as practice your listening and reading skills with the audio and transcript. Today’s phrase is «по рукам!».

The audio recording for this lesson is read at three different speeds: slow, adapted and normal. We recommend to study by listening to the audio several times and using the free online transcript.

Description (описание): по рука́м

Meaning (значение):

Deal! That’s a bargain! Done! Settled!

Related words and phrases (связанные слова и выражения):

– Решено́! (Done! Settled!)
– Договори́лись! (Agreed! Deal!)

Examples (примеры):

  1. Ну что, по рука́м?
    Well, shall we make the deal?
  2. Боксёры подписа́ли контра́кт и уда́рили по рука́м.
    The boxers signed the contract and shook hands.
  3. Дава́йте уже́ наконе́ц урегули́руем все разногла́сия, уда́рим по рука́м, да разойдёмся по дома́м.
    Let’s finally settle all differences, shake hands and go home.
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