Free Russian lessons for everyone!

Learn and practice Russian language online: learn new words and interesting Russian expressions, try yourself in tests and dictations, check your grammar skills with error corrections exercises, develop your writing and conversational skills, listen to interesting stories in clear Russian.

Russian word of the week

We choose an interesting Russian word and illustrate it with a few examples.

Stories in Russian

Learn about Russian culture and traditions, get to know Russian cities, read excerpts from Russian books with the lessons of this series.

Russian test

Simple vocabulary tests for beginners or grammar tests for intermediate and advenced learners.

Word evolution

We take a word and give you its most common derivatives and collocations.

Russian for beginners

Useful materials to learn basics of Russian, as well as to practice and consolidate the knowledge you already have.

Russian phrase of the week

Learn common phrases, idioms, slang and other expressions that would help you sound more native.

Russian verb conjugation

In each lesson take a couple of verbs as examples and drill their conjugation.

Practice Russian cases

In each lesson we take a noun and decline its singular and plural forms in all cases.

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